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Amy is resting but still dreams about helping small business owners like you.

Meet Amy: the most intuitive chatbot for
small businesses

Amy brings automated customer service even after regular business hours. Amy answers FAQs, collects leads, and guides prospects to where they need to go on a website. Amy integrates with WordPress, Duda, and Calendly, so our users can grow their business quickly.

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See Amy in action

Amy is intuitive, easy to set up, and programmed to answer customers' most common questions.

Our benefits

Tailored to Small Business

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  • Business Type focused templates

  • Available 24/7

  • Intuitive bot builder

Easy to use, built with purpose

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  • Frictionless onboarding

  • Quickly preview and test Amy

  • No coding experience required

Grows with you

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  • Free-forever model

  • Recurring updates

  • Insightful customer data

Our story

  • August 2021


  • March 2022

    Released a major UX upgrade every month

    Released 2 Plugins Integrations (WordPress and Duda)

  • November 2021

    Amy gets launched

  • June 2022

    Created a total of 25 business-specific chatbot templates

    Reached 300+ signups per week

  • February 2022

    Got our first paying user

  • July 2022

    Amy App was launched for Android and IOS

    Amy slows down to find the perfect strategic investor & partner

Meet our founder

Stijn Hendrikse has spent his business career making life easier for entrepreneurs and small companies.

Among other accomplishments, he was instrumental in introducing Microsoft Office's first version for SMBs, followed by Office 365, was CEO of a cloud contact center startup for the SMB market, and co-founded a marketing agency dedicated to helping B2B SaaS companies accelerate growth.

What Amy users say about us

“ (1)

I love the idea that I can basically download my brain to Amy. I have never had an employee who both knows all this stuff and can explain it in a simple enough way for clients to understand. If I did they would also be knee-deep in tax returns.

Olivia, Accountant

“ (1)

I like to keep it as simple as possible because I find 99% of customers visiting a website are looking for the same information.

Ashley, Church Web Coordinator

“ (1)

I started my own business because I wanted to make things, not be a manager or answer the phone all day. I know it frustrates people and I love that Amy can answer those basic questions.

Robert, Brewer

Learn how to invest in Amy

We are looking for investors to help get Amy in the hands of as many small businesses around the world. 


The small business chatbot market is untapped & Amy is priced to move

Amy offers a basic version for free and a premium version for $9/month. More than 20 million small businesses with a website are all potential customers. If five percent of those businesses (1 million customers) sign up for Amy premium, it means $108 million in annual revenue for what is a templated, automated product.